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This is a call to all local charities.

Advertise your charity on these pages for free.

If you are a local charity it will cost you nothing to have a page on this website.

Just let us have all the contact details, your charity number, and some information about what you do.

Please provide as much information about the charity, its work, the people behind it, where it is based, upcoming events, etc.

If the charity already has a web presence please provide the link to it and give us the permission to replicate some or all of the page. If any amendments are required please let us know.

When you are happy with everything in the form, tick that you have read and agree to the site’s privacy policy,  and then on “Send”.

Once we receive the form we will create a page for your charity and email you a link to the page so that you can view it and verify the content. The page can be updated at any time.