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Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Awards
Frances (Fanny) Elizabeth Deacon née Potter
17th September 1837- 15th January 1930

Fleckney Parish Council nominated Fanny Deacon née Potter for a Green Plaque Award for 1 Wolsey Lane and are pleased to say that the nomination has been successful.

Fanny Potter aged 37 was the first woman in England to pass the qualifying examination to become a Pharmacist when the Pharmacist Act 1868 made registration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain compulsory in order to work as a Pharmacist.

She was the second wife of Abraham Deacon the founder of the Carmel Chapel and worked at 1 Wolsey Lane as a Chemist until her death in 1930.

Born in Kibworth in 1837, Frances Deacon was the first woman to pass the qualifying examination to become a pharmacist. Frances registered as a Chemist and Druggist on 5th February 1869 having taken the Pharmaceutical Society’s examination.

Despite paying her subscription and complying with all the Society’s rules and regulations, as a woman she was not allowed to become a member of the Pharmaceutical Society until 1879. She worked alongside her father who was also a chemist, later opening her own pharmacy in Fleckney.

When she died at the age of 92, she was the oldest registered chemist in England at that time.

Frances was put forward for the honour by Fleckney Parish Council. Thanks to everyone who voted.

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December 2021
Dec 06
06 December 2021
Family Fun Night
Baptist Church, 1 High Street
Fleckney, LE8 8AJ

A festive event for Primary aged kids and their families. There will be games, craft, Christmas songs, nativity story, food and more. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.…

Dec 07
07 December 2021
Baby and Toddler Group
Village Hall, The Parade
Fleckney, LE8 8AY

New opening times are 1.00pm - 2.30pm At the moment the fee is still £2 Please come along and join us at the Village Hall for a stay and play…

Dec 07
07 December 2021
St. Nicholas Church Hall, Main Street
Fleckney, LE8 8AT

Sing! Meet on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm at St. Nicholas Church hall in Fleckney The choir is open to any lady (16+), of any ability. You don't have to be…


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