Group, Business, or Individual

your village, your community

What are we offering you?

Pretty much anything you would like to see about you or your organisation. We have been creating websites for a number of years and are fairly confident that we can produce a pretty reasonable page for you – completely free of charge!

There are a number of sections to the website already and more may be added. So, if you think a page for you doesn’t ‘fit’ into any of the categories we already have, let us know.

You can have your very own page to advertise yourself, your group, your business, your products, your events, your photographs, or anything else we’ve not thought of yet!

Perhaps you are researching your family history and would like to publicise your findings or ask for help (we have been researching our own family for over 50 years!). 

Your events will be included in the Events Diary, your business in the Business Directory, your charity in the Charity section. Maybe your page could be listed under some of the other headings as well; Groups, Sport, Genealogy, Activities. Perhaps you have something to sell that could be listed in the Classified section? Remember, this is not our website, it’s your website, it’s the Fleckney website.

What do we need from you?


Describe yourself, or your organisation, in a few sentences. Do you have any particular functionalities you would like on your page? A contact form or links to an existing website? If you run a hotel, for instance, you need your opening times and menu included, whereas if you run a hairdressing salon you may want an online booking form.

Contact information, previous blog posts, legal notice, team bios & headshots, mission statement, are all items that can be included or linked to. The choice is yours.

Visual Content

Do you or your organisation have an avatar or logo? Do you have photos, or illustrations that will be a part of the page? We can include links to social media pages, add photo galleries, or integrate (YouTube) video.

Perhaps you already have posters or flyers that you have had published. We can reproduce these on your website page.

Simply email your details and we will get back to you as quickly as possible and you will soon have your own page up and running.