Wine Club

your village, your wine club

It’s 2019 and I have been talking and thinking about this for months since moving to Fleckney at the start of 2017.

My thoughts were – why don’t you start a local wine club in Fleckney? But how do I do it? Would people be interested? So here is how you can get involved and what the group would be about.
Do you really enjoy socialising with new friends with common interests? Do you enjoy wine and want to find out more about it through tasting and sharing experience?

I really enjoy tasting and drinking wines from all over the world, I would really like to meet people who enjoy the same and are happy to join a club where we can all taste and drink wine whilst meeting new people in a safe and friendly environment.
My current thoughts are to have a monthly session locally to just get to know the different types of wine we enjoy, how we pair them with food and hopefully to explore through tasting different types and how to describe them to others.

I completed my wine and spirit education trust level 2 over 4 years ago and I have always wanted to learn more and share my knowledge and experience of wine with others.

I am open to suggestions and support. The group would be non profit but I may need support in covering the costs of the wine. If anyone is willing to be a host then that would be great too, I will look for support from local venues in fleckney in the first instance.

The serious bit – I fully support drinking responsibly and we all should be aware of the impacts drinking alcohol can have on ourselves and others.

If you are interested please register your interest by email and we can then look to establish a club in the next few weeks and months, Gary.