Round 7

13th October 2018

Frisby on the Wreake to Somerby (11 miles)

From Frisby on the Wreake, through Gaddesby, Ashby Folville, Thorpe Satchville, up Burrough Hill,and down to Somerby.

This was an extremely windy day. So windy it felt like we had done double the distance at the end of the walk. We often had to shout at each other to be heard above the noise of the gales.

However, the weather was otherwise good and we had a fantastic view of the countryside from the top of Burrough Hill – an Iron Age fort. Attempting to take panoramic photographs was an extreme effort due to the hurricane attempting to blow us down to the valley!

We stopped for a cheeseboard at the Stilton Cheese Inn, Somerby before heading home. Well, that and a couple of pints each!