Round 5

28th July 2018

Newtown Linford to Cossington (9 miles)

As we extended the last walk a little bit, it seemed only right that we extend this one. As far as the book is concerned, this stage should have been from Newtown Linford to Mountsorrel. An easy 8 miler. Starting from the other side of Old John would have cut it down to about 6.5 miles, a mere walk in the park! So, we decided to carry on to Cossington – there’s bound to be a pub there!

Off we set through Woodhouse Eaves, around part of Swithland Reservoir, to Cossington via the Waterside Inn at Mountsorrel, then along the bank of the River Soar, ending up in the Royal Oak.

It was another glorious day and the walk was extremely easy, pretty much downhill till we got to the river.