Round 4

30th June 2018

Shackerstone to Newtown Linford (11.5 miles)

We met Kaos in Hunts Hill car park and Dollup took us to Shackerstone for the start of what turned out to be a 16 mile walk! So we made a few diversions! Whyever not?

From Shackerstone, through Odstone, Nailstone, Bagworth, Thornton, Markfield, Newtown Linford, and over Old John to the car park. When we got there we found that Karl had a parking ticket on his car – the machines were not open for business when we arrived in the morning and a local seemed to think it would be ok. Turned out alright though coz the dimbo had put the wrong registration number on the ticket!

We called in at the Bricklayer’s Arms, Thornton, along the way. It was so hot when we tackled Old John that I nearly collapsed at the top. We decided to pay a visit to the Coach and Horses, Markfield, for refreshments before heading home!