Round 2

31st March 2018

Claybrooke Magna to Barwell (10 miles)

As Kaos (Karl) has a lot of commitments, it was not possible to accomplish the walk in a short space of time. So, on 31st March, 2018, we set off on the second stage of our walk, accompanied by Dollup (aka Vickie, my wife, Karls mum).

We set off from The Pig in Muck in Claybrooke Magna, through Claybrooke Parva, High Cross, Sharnford, Aston Flamville, and finally Barwell. As you can see from the pictures, it was rather muddy once again.

The logistics of our journey meant that we had to use two cars. We take both to the end of the walk, park one (at or near a pub!), then take the second car to the start. After completing the walk we get in the second car, drive to the start of the walk, collect the first car then go home. On this occasion we picked up car 2 and spent some time back in The Pig in Muck. Well, it seemed a shame not to!