Round 1

10th March 2018

Fleckney to Claybrooke Magna (15 miles)

We set off on the 10th March, 2018 from Fleckney, through Bruntingthorpe, Peatling Magna, Willoughby Waterways, Dunton Bassett, Frolesworth, to Claybrook Magna.

As far as the guide is concerned, it was the end of section 6, all of section 7, and the start of section 8, about 15 miles in total.

It turned out to be a very tiring walk as the ground was very, very, muddy. The mud just clung to the boots making you about an inch taller every three or four steps – at least, that’s what it felt like! We were very lucky though in that we managed to reach The Pig In Muck just as the heavens opened!