Leicestershire Round

A 100 mile walk around Leicestershire.

The Leicestershire Footpath Association devised a walk of 100 miles around Leicestershire in 1987 and called it ‘The Leicestershire Round’. There is full information about the walk on their website and so I will not dwell on it here. If you have walked around Leicestershire you will probably have come across the Round at some stage.

The Leicestershire Round: A 100 Mile Circular Walk devised and published by the Leicestershire Footpath Association.

Karl, my step-son, and I decided that we would like to walk the Leicestershire Round and so I purchased the book we set to working out our series of walks. The book covers the walk in ten sections. As we were planning to start and finish in Fleckney, which only just touches the Leicestershire Round, we decided to reduce the number to nine.

We wanted to keep as close to the book as possible but, instead of starting at Newtown Linford, we started at Fleckney which is in the middle of the sixth section – Canal Country: Foxton to Bruntingthorpe – so we had to make some changes.

We took quite a few pictures along the way and if you would like to see some of them just click on the “Round” titles and you will be whisked off to a new page with a map and elevation data for that particular walk.

10th March 2018

Fleckney to Claybrooke Magna (15 miles)

31st March 2018

Claybrooke Magna to Barwell (10 miles)

16th June 2018

Barwell to Shackerstone (11 miles)

30th June 2018

Shackerstone to Newtown Linford (11.5 miles)

28th July 2018

Newtown Linford to Cossington (9 miles)

22nd September 2018

Cossington to Frisby on the Wreake (8.5 miles)

13th October 2018

Frisby on the Wreake to Somerby (11 miles)

19th October 2018

Somerby to Hallaton (12.5 miles)

17th November 2018

Hallaton to Fleckney (15 miles)