Jeff Pearce

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When I was setting this website up, Mr. P. suggested that I create pages about local ‘celebrities’. People who have, or have had, significant influence in the village. I thought this was a good idea and who better to start off with than the big man himself?

Jeff Pearce

Born in the early 60s, Jeff moved to Fleckney with his wife, Rita, in 1988. Together, they have two daughters and three grand-children.

Now semi-retired(?), Jeff spent 30 years as a prison officer; 12 at Gartree and 18 at Glen Parva Young Offenders. However, after 6 months he was climbing the walls (as was Rita!) so he returned to work as a security officer at Joules Distribution Centre in Corby.

Jeff is a big man with a big heart. He has raised staggering amounts of money for many local charities over the years. He prefers to help local charities as “you never know when you might need them!”.

This page barely touches the surface of the kindly giant’s achievements.


Charity Events

Pictured below are just some of the events that Jeff has put his weight behind. Let’s not forget though, the amazing people who helped, and continue to help, in the various activities. I must also thank Rita for sneaking Jeff’s folder to me so that I could purloin this information.


24 Hour Pub Quiz Report
Pages reproduced by kind permission of Fleckney Communicata

Why? In memory of two Fleckney residents, that’s Why.

Lorraine Boulton died of breast cancer at the age of just 32, and Dave Parr, who was in his mid-40s, suffered a severe heart attack brought on by diabetes.

Once all the funds were received, representatives from LOROS and the Leicester Diabetes Centre were presented with cheques of £4,450 each.

Jack Harling, Chip Smith, and Dave Walker being shaved by Derek Ward

The target for this event was £2,000. With the headshave bringing in over £900 and there being 107 raffle prizes that target was smashed into oblivion. The final figure turned out to be a huge £6,500 that was presented to Lucy Dalgress of the “When You Wish Upon A Star” charity.

2016: Fun Day
Pictured above is our Jeff handing over a cheque for £6,500 to Lucy Dalgress of the charity “When You Wish Upon A Star”. Also pictured are William Sanders and his mum Clare. William, also from Fleckney, has a condition called Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD) which is a rare genetic condition.
2016: Fun Day
2018: Sponsored 24 Hour Pub Quiz
The poster should give you a rough idea of what went on. All records were broken as Jeff and his team managed to raise a staggering £9,401 to be shared between the two local causes.

In conclusion

I met Jeff and Rita shortly after moving to Fleckney. Hard to miss really as they live next door! Jeff is not an attention seeker nor a glory hunter. He’s a big man with a big heart. However, Jeff tells me that he doesn’t mind if someone was to nominate him for an O.B.E!!

I feel that Jeff and his team deserve some recognition for the work that they have done in raising £50,000 for the various local causes they have supported in the last few years. It goes without saying that you, the good people of Fleckney and surrounding district, also deserve a pat on the back. On behalf of Mr. P. and the charities you have supported, thank you.

Be warned though, Jeff’s not done yet. 2020 is a new decade with a new target. The big man will be contacting you all soon!!

Jeff's a Star