Fleckney Folk

Fleckney Folk

Meet some of the people of Fleckney.

This page provides links to mini-biographies of folk who are important to Fleckney.

Individuals, families or groups, who are serving or have served the community in some way.

Folk from Fleckney who have achieved their lifelong ambition, succeeded in business, graduated or passed an exam.

You know who they are … tell us! Oh, and tell us how to get in touch with them as well!

Meet the

Fleckney Folk

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Someone like Jeff who has helped people and/or groups in Fleckney?

A family member or friend from Fleckney who has achieve their ambition or succeeded in business?

Please fill out the form below with brief details of the person or persons you would to nominate for a page of their own. The only requirement is that they be connected to Fleckney.

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